SaleYee Cooperates with Avasam Offering a Surefire Integrated Solution for UK Dropshipping

SaleYee is founded by a group of pioneers in China’s cross-border e-commerce and supply chain management, to empower online retails to sell easily and earn globally. Through the accumulation of experience over a decade, SaleYee’s professionals know clearly that e-commerce success is indispensable with quality products and fast delivery, therefore, they offer over 30,000 quality dropshipping products through extensive research and strict quality control, along with fast and free delivery from its global warehouses covering a total area of 630,000+ sq.m.

As SaleYee’s diverse product ranges and professional dropshipping services meet Avasam’s standards of accurate product data, quality inventory, attractive profit margins, and high service levels, a strategic partnership program has been initiated by the UK-based dropshipping marketplace.

Easy Access to Reputable Supply Chain Resources for More Sellers 

Having had meetings and friendly negotiations over half a year, both parties reached an agreement and proceeded to launch their partnership. To date, the first-stage launch has been rolled out and both platforms are connected via API to automate the synchronization of product data, inventory, tracking information, and payment processing. Tens of thousands of SaleYee’s strictly selected products in Home & Garden, Fitness, Hobbies, etc. are available for Avasam users who are looking to diversify, trial new lines, and scale their online businesses. UK Dropshipping

“We are glad to establish strategic cooperation with Avasam and enable online sellers to use their trusted automation to source products from SaleYee. This is an extraordinary opportunity for SaleYee and Avasam to combine our strengths to upgrade our dropshipping service. With SaleYee’s strong cross-border supply chain resources and Avasam’s efficient automation system, we believe it will help UK online retailers launch and scale their businesses much more easily.” -Sky Tsang, CEO, SaleYee

“Our team is impressed with SaleYee’s extensive product range, quality inventory, fast and free delivery from their 16 UK distribution centers. We are so excited to launch our strategic partnership with SaleYee and offer our network of sellers easy access to sourcing from SaleYee. SaleYee’s diverse range of categories, coupled with all the automation, support, and functionality of Avasam, brings forth an efficient and surefire way to help online sellers to expand their dropshipping businesses.” – Peter Turney, COO, Avraham

Wrapping up

Under the profound impact of COVID-19, retail businesses are looking for efficient ways to source products and stay competitive. The cooperation between SaleYee and Avasam is good news for online sellers who are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Both SaleYee’s and Avasam’s teams are working closely together to formulate plans and take effective measures to promote further development of dropshipping in the UK.